Friday, October 29, 2010

The Chemical Use in Pregnancy Service - CUPS Clinic Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick

If it were not for a stroke of luck, I would never have known about this service. Dr John Feller has been our family Paediatrician for some time. We were visiting him in his rooms with our 6 year old biological son, and our baby foster son when Dr Feller remarked that he hadn't known that we were planning on having any more children. He was probably a bit confused that he hadn't been called to the hospital following the birth as he knows that we definitely would have arranged that!

We told him the story of how this baby had some into our care and he immediately booked us into the magic clinic that has been our one consistent care team. The Chemical Use in Pregnancy Service at Sydney Childrens Hospital in Randwick. The staff are amazing. Non judgemental. Completely respectful. And they genuinely care for these babies and are committed to following through on their progress.

If you find yourself caring for a baby who has been exposed to substance use in pregnancy, and you are in the Sydney area, know that there is help. I am looking into services in other areas to add also.

Chemical Use in Pregnancy (CUPS) Central Network

Chemical Use in Pregnancy Service - Fact Sheet

Caring for your baby if you drink or use substances in pregnancy - Fact Sheet

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Early Intervention Services in Sydney

Most of us at some point will find ourselves with a little one who requires that little bit of extra help. And most of us will be our foster child's only advocate and will have to seek out the appropriate services to assist the child. We have used some of these services personally for our foster son - the first four in particular. If you know of services in any other areas that you think I should add, please get in contact or comment below.

Cerebral Palsy - The Spastic Centre

Annie's Centre

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Lifestart Early Childhood Intervention and School Age Services Sydney

Quirky Kid Clinic